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Our Business


Spinning Division - Mothi Spinners Private Limited

Spun Yarn and Woven Fabrics

We operate under the name of Mothi Spinners Private Limited, offering a wide range of mixed yarns to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

We have perfected our spinning processes by incorporating cutting-edge automated technology and innovation into every step of the yarn manufacturing process.

Today, as one of the fastest-growing textile manufacturers, we have around 1,30,000 spindles and a production capacity of 160 tons of yarn per day as we strive hard to deliver uniformed, incomparable quality, and error-free yarn.

Sizing Division

We are keen to produce a wide range of products without affecting the quality while adhering to the most stringent international standards for both production and use, ensuring protection for health, safety, and the environment.

We are integrated with two sizing machines and have a daily production capacity of 25 tonnes of sized yarns.


Weaving Division

Our in-house weaving division is outfitted with 254 Airjet looms and our vendor weaving division is of 200 looms combinedly producing fabrics of the finest quality.
We select the finest yarns following our clients' specifications, examining all the aspects of the material from the fibre type, thickness, strength, and each variable that has an impact on the final product.