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We stand committed to the business values and ethics in every product we turn out !

We provide a diverse range of yarns from our spinning division which produces 160 tons of yarn per day through 1,30,000 spindles.

We understand the intricate details of rayon fibres and the impact various quality parameters have on our textile end-products as a company that can cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

With the advanced technologies, we have around 68 vortex spinning machines to spin out the yarn. Our spinning manufacturing services include a strong emphasis on efficiency and quality control.


Weaving Preparatory

To convert spun yarns into high-quality warp beams, our sizing machines are distinguished by their ease of operation and precise process control; the sized warp beams ensure maximum weaving efficiency. For sizing, we have 2 Karl Mayer Machines where we use and also supply good quality-sized beams to the customers based on their weaving loom needs.



Our in-house weaving unit is equipped with 254 Airjet looms that can produce high-quality woven fabrics.

We can produce woven strands that can be twisted into various patterns through our Weaving Division.

Following the selection of the yarn, the amount of warp required for the fabric is calculated, and our expert technicians will monitor the warping process for any flaws or pulls, mending any imperfections.


Wind Mill

Harnessing Wind Power for Green Initiatives

Our windmill facility stands as a symbol of our commitment to sustainable practices. With a substantial 27-Megawatt capacity, we utilize wind energy to drive our sizing and spinning mills, fostering a greener and more environmentally responsible approach to production.

By embracing wind power, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also actively contributing to the preservation of our planet. This green initiative is a testament to our dedication to clean, renewable energy sources as we work towards a more sustainable future.



VP Tex Private Limited pioneering solar farm initiative, where innovation meets sustainability. Our solar farm (19 Megawatt Capacity) harnesses the power of the sun to fuel our operations, reducing our environmental impact and leading the way in green energy solutions. Committed to a greener future, we proudly produce clean, renewable energy, shaping a sustainable world for generations to come.